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Thanks for viewing my site. It is still in the early stage of development. Please be patient as I make changes that I hope will make your viewing experience more pleasurable.

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    People, pets and the environment drive my passion for photography and digital art is a medium to create alternative images that can be displayed in galleries.


Hi and thank you for visiting my website.


             "Imagination is the beginning of creation.

                    You imagine what you desire,

                      you will what you imagine,

               and at last you create what you will."

                                      - George Bernard Shaw.


   Traditional portraiture is a pleasure and forms the basis of my photography. The next step I like to take is the creative approach using a combination of costume, props, lighting and trick photography to tell a story representative of the subject. Digital manipulation allows me to be fully creativity with the goal of creating a personal image suitable for "Gallery display". 

I have no formal training in the arts or digital image manipulation. My desire is to learn - create and enjoy.

As a guide to this page.
- "Artistry Galleries" - a collection of photoartistry compositions suitable for gallery display. Material is generally from my own work however any other images employed are used with "Creative Commons license, Commercial Use license or Artist license".

- "Pay It Forward" tab - all of my personal gain (excluding cost of printing and delivery)  from the sale of these items go to the specified charities. 

- "Artboja PhotoArt" tab - a direct link to my Art at and the link under the Avatar there will bring you back to this page.

The challenge for me is to make unique pieces of art.
   Reality is Negotiable - Dare to be different.

   Thank you again for visiting my website. It is still a work in progress and I hope that you enjoy browsing this site.



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